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Alright, I've mentioned that I have been using Gmail for a few weeks. I'm loving the extra space, the limited ads, the way it keeps your conversation together. And it doesn't hurt that it has 1MB of storage space and will not be deleted after a couple months of inactivity.

Well, I've now gotten to the point where I've got some invitations to give away. I've already checked out Gmailswap and gave a couple away. But it takes too long to find some good offers. My last one I gave away was in exchange of a donation to one of my favorite charities.

So here is the deal. I'm going to offer one invitation to Gmail to the person who makes me the coolest offer in my comment section. I'll give until Friday night until I decide. Remember this is for the coolest offer, so it might not be the one that is worth the most, but the one that might make me laugh the hardest, says "dang that's what I need" or is the only one in my comment section when I go to decide.

So leave your offer in the comment section below.

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Posted by Ryan at 11:25
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