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What I Want For Christmas

Well folks the Blogger Idol is back, and this weeks topic is "All I Want For Christmas..."

If this was a perfect world, and I actually got what I listed, I think this is the list that would provide joy to more than just me.

1. A global ban on Old Navy ads.
2. A law in the music industry that requires all artists to play instruments and write over 2/3 of their albums. Extra airplay if they actually sound similiar live as they do on the album.
3. A sequel to any of the following movies: Red Dawn, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Sneakers, or The Breakfast Club.
4. An end to all adds for cable on cable channels.
5. And end to most reality television. I'll make exceptions for the Amazing Race and Wife Swap.
6. Milka and Ritter Sport chocolate bars avaible at a reasonable price in America.
7. World peace.

Any suggestions?

Check out Blogger Idol to see other's lists, as well as to add your own.


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