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Doctor, Doctor Can't You See I'm Hurting

Today I got to visit the emergency room here in Korea. See I was doing some cleaning of the dorm, when the lid of a tin can decided to see how close to the nerves of my right thumb. As I was alone in the building, I easily expressed my feelings towards the can. I then proceeded to get to my room, rinse my thumb off, and try to figure out what to do next. Being in a foreign country, and not even knowing where the nearest hospital was, I decided to call a coworker. But since I was applying pressure to my thumb with my other hand, I only could only manage to redial the last number I called. When they didn't answer, I struggled for a bit to contact the second to last person I called, and they didn't answer either. As I beginning to think everyone is screening my calls, I made one more call to the first person again. They answered and quickly came to pick me up (although they first suggested I take a cab). We made it to the hospital, and they quickly ushered me into the emergency room. I think they hadn't seen a large white male in a while, as about five nurses and one doctor all took care of me.

After a couple shots and a couple stitches, I thought I was good to go. But before they let me go, they wanted to give me a shot in the butt. I had to kindly ask my female coworker to leave the room, before I dropped trau.

The doctor told me that it was just a superficial cut, although I swear I saw nerves exposed when he pulled back the skin. I just have to take some drugs for a couple days, and then in ten days I'll get the stitches out. All in all, I give a big thumbs up to the emergency room people... partially because their service... partially because I really can't bend it right now.

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Posted by Ryan at 03:53
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