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Trade My Sandals For My Skis

What has become of me? I've spent this morning cleaning my apartment. Don't get me wrong, it needed it. But I could have spent the day skiing in Korea with some of the students and staff. Sure I've read stories about Korean skiing which state they ski like they drive. And I assumed if the only bowling shoes I can rent in this country are two sizes too small, I would have no luck with ski boots. Or maybe it is that I'm spoiled, spending many days on the mountains of Switzerland. But as I was cleaning my tub, a voice in my head asked what in the world has happened to me. That voice told me that the high school version of Ryan, who thought skiing in Iowa was cool, would gladly kick the tub cleaning version of Ryan's gluteus maximus.

I'm reminded of the scene in The Kid where Rusty asks his older version of himself, "So ... I'm 40, I'm not married, I don't fly jets and I don't have a dog? I grow up to be a loser!"

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Posted by Ryan at 23:11
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Skiing in Korea can be a real kick. The one time I did I found myself on a slope way beyond by ability level, crashed into a Korean man, lost one glove and a ski and I am pretty sure that I was cussed out in Korean. Overall, a memorable experience.

By Anonymous Jodie Clements, at 11/2/06 20:39  

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