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The Chase Is On

Tonight we got back to the place we were staying by rickshaws. As the kids were heading in, I waited in the truck for Malka, as we were going to go to the grocery store to pick up some stuff. As I waited, the driver started the truck up, I mentioned we still needed to wait on Malka. Shoba told the driver, but he said something back and proceeded to turn the vehicle around. I was then told that one of the students had left his camera in one of the rickshaws, and while the driver discovered it, he also kept it for himself. One of the other drivers tipped us off. So we were going to chase him down. There I sat in the back of the truck, wondering how in the world we would find the specific rickshaw in this city.

We came upon the driver who tipped us off a couple blocks away. He directed us straight ahead. A few more blocks ahead we encountered two more of the rickshaws we had used. They talked to the driver briefly, and pointed to the right. We followed this road to a major road, that was full of rickshaws. After a few blocks, Shoba happened to notice one that she thought she remembered. We stopped, and the driver and her got out. The approached the driver, and a few minutes later returned to the van. In her hand was the missing camera. The prayers I had been praying had been answered. She told me she went right up to the guy and said, "Give me my camera." After some awkward silence he finally reached into his pocket and pulled the camera out. All three of us in the truck were amazed and how we were able to find the one rickshaw in a city of thousands of rickshaws.

We went back to the grocery store, and as I went in they went back to get Malka. I told them to make sure to tell her the story, as it wasn't just me being rude...

Song to go with this post: U2 - Where the Streets Have No Name

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Posted by Ryan at 08:47
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Dude, I started listening to where the streets have no name right before I read this post...

Coincidence? Nah...

By Anonymous Dave Thompson, at 6/4/06 23:24  

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