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No April Rain

Well, actually last night as I was just about to fall asleep, a fierce storm hit the city. I stood at my window watching the lightening criss cross the sky, and marveling at the power of nature. I remembered how much I miss a really good thunderstorm.

Today I feel the need to give some long distance dedications to a couple great friends who have made me a better person. And both of them celebrate birthdays this week. Something about great men born in the latter part of April...

One is my friend Ron, who I've mentioned here before. Two of my greatest road trips involved him. One was heading out to spend a week visiting him in California. The other was a trip to show him the Midwest, including a stop to "gawk at the Amish." I highly recommend adding his sermons to your podcasts. Good stuff!

The other is my friend Aaron, who I was in a couple bands together with. He continued with the music industry, while I decided to work my way around the world. And to keep with the driving memories... during our senior year we were in a Youth For Christ band. When ever it was my time to drive, I had a bad habit of leaving the heat off. It became a game to see how long it took Aaron to yell at me about the heat, or to just turn it on himself. Ah, good times.

And I end wishing you a Happy National High Five Day!

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