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Taking A Break From All Your Worries

The last couple days I have been doing some searching and exploring. Quoth Bono, "I still haven't found what I'm looking for." But in my explorations I did discover a place that could rival my discovery of the Isle of Innisfree years ago. (By the way, anyone want to make a trip to the Isle in July?) For in my wanderings I discovered a coffee house to call home. This place not only has some dang good hot and cold chocolate beverages (me no drinky the coffee), but they already greet me by name. And perhaps in the end that what we are all looking for anyway.

And just like my previous discoveries outside bubbles, the same rules apply:
1. Cordell will show you were it is, but you buy the first drinks.
2. No work talk will be allowed.
3. You must seek permission before telling others about the place and location.
4. NEVER, NEVER tell the dorky guy who will end up taking his freaky fiance for dinner. Which then causes me to circle around in the parking lot until they leave.
5. Breaking any of these rules will caused you to be shunned and not told of any other cool locales Cordell might find.

In other news, this shocked me when it appeared on my personalized Google homepage.
After refreshing the page, the weather was back to the 60s with rain soon. Look close enough and you discover things like the last three words of the day: rebarbative, agog, and itinerant.

Song to go along with this post: David Wilcox - Glory

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