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Eyes Open Wide

The paper warned all the people to stay inside
From the invading yellow dust it said to hide.
But that did not stop me from a nice bike ride
To my new coffee shop over on the west side.
I once had crashed while attempting to hang glide.
Some folk into last weeks poem's meaning pried
They thought they knew exactly what the words implied
Which is funny, as its meaning I'm still trying to decide.
The gelato place only has five flavors I have not tried.
Mr. Wilder said nothing was going to break his stride
About the same time U2 had a hit song with Pride.
The other day two cars next to my cab did collide
The cabbie only made a comment we thought was snide.
I'm stoked about this week's artwork I'm about to provide
As only Dali would do a self protrait as bacon that was fried.


Posted by Ryan at 12:58
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