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I'll Travel Anywhere

Well, folks the other day I mentioned trying to booking travel tickets through Russian speaking countries. Tonight I got word that all the money has made it to the proper places, and now I just wait on the tickets. And before you ask what is the big deal in the day and age of credit cards and ATMs, it isn't always that quick and easy. Three airline tickets were purchased, one on an airline that doesn't accept credit cards. Only one airline issued me an e-ticket. My train tickets had to be paid by bank transfer. Let me tell you there is something very scary about having someone whom you don't share a common language send a large sum of money to a country you grew up believing wanted to drop a bomb on you.

So I think at this point I can give you a brief guide to my summer. Plan accordingly, as tickets for the Cordell World Tour are selling out quick.
July 4 - Beijing
July 6 - Ulan Bator
July 10 - Irkutsk
July 15 - Moscow
July 18 - Copenhagen
July 19 - Basel
July 22 - Niederweiler, Germany
July 23 - Basel
July 27 - Istanbul
Aug. 3 - Tashkent
Aug. 6 - Taejon

So if you are anywhere near any of those cities and want to hang out, provide lodging, race camels, or even assist me in living out some song lyrics, please contact me.

Speaking of world travels and languages, this video made me laugh.

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