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Here In The Light

This week's poem is more for the fine folks who read my xanga site. I am taking a break there. Might take a break here too, but not sure yet. If you want me to stick around, leave me some comment love. Now on to this post's feature presentation...

Every week these stupid poems I would write
A couple even had things hidden from sight
And some I had to revise just to be polite
Sometimes my brain and heart would fight
As I would give glimpses into my plight.
I hope they brought some form of delight,
Yet I ask have these entries become trite?
Taking a break at this point just feels right
Perhaps someday I return to post on this site
Until then, I bid my friends a very good night.

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Posted by Ryan at 11:36
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i guess you can just go ahead and quit if you want. but don't forget about all the little people out there who live to read your inspirational words of truth...

By Anonymous mike loween, at 29/8/06 04:15  

i second that...

By Anonymous bolton tea party, at 29/8/06 08:15  

Yeah. And Kevin Smith's never going to do another Jay and Silent Bob movie. He started saying that 3 movies ago.

By Anonymous Dave Thompson, at 30/8/06 11:49  

Stay. Stay. I like knowing what's going on in your life!

By Anonymous MIckie, at 31/8/06 23:50  

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