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Rainbows Have Nothing To Hide

Grapes are cool. You can enjoy them straight off the vine. But if you can wait, leave them around and they make a great raisin (I highly recommend the Uzbekistan raisins). Squeeze them now and you will be enjoying a nice grape juice. Again with some time that liquid could be a fine wine (Might I recommend testing a Villeneuve wine). They have even discovered that leaving them on the vines during the frost produces another variety of wine altogether.

But I did not come here to praise grapes, but talk about things that get better with time. Sometimes I write these posts, but do not publish them for one reason or another. They sit mysteriously somewhere out there in the cyberspace waiting for the day that I rediscover them. Sometimes I tweak them a little more. Sometimes I release them as they were. Sometimes I return them to the draft pile to wait longer.

Exactly one year ago today I wrote the following....

Tonight I was sitting watching an amazing sunset over the soccer field where some of the students were playing. All of a sudden, one of them pointed behind me and made some statement in Korean I didn't understand. When I turned around to see what caused the game to stop, I saw a double rainbow set alongside a dark and stormy sky. The view behind me was far more stunning than the sunset.

Makes me wonder how much of life I have missed by being focused in the wrong direction, even though it might have been a good thing in itself. Sure the sunset was great, but they happen most every night. I can only think of a few times I have witnessed a double rainbow in this life.

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Posted by Ryan at 00:12
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Very true, buddy. You ARE going to call me soon, aren't you?

By Anonymous Dave Thompson, at 7/9/06 12:45  

Did I mention you need to finally start posting some of these old entries?

By Anonymous Dave Thompson, at 12/9/06 17:07  

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