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Friday On My Mind

Making kids dress up
Just to get some free candy
I love my job sometimes.

I am not a prince
But sometimes I do wonder
Am I like Myshkin?

One less friend in town
The coffee gals will be sad
Vaya con Dios.

Looking at my pay
I'm glad I got that degree
For I would be broke.

I stink at tennis
The ball is in your court now
I fear your return.

Forget bombs and drugs
There's a greater threat out there
It's called Vegemite.

Currently listening to: Snow Patrol -

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Posted by Ryan at 09:31
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Hi Ryan, I found out by google that you've been at the Dominic Miller Midnight show in Seoul in 2005. He played there again last week. Have you been there, too, or have you read anything in the newspapers about the show? If you've heard anything it would be nice to hear from you about it.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 28/10/06 15:47  

Liking that Snow Patrol, huh?

By Anonymous Dave, at 31/10/06 15:32  

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