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Got His Own Jet Airplane

I usually have some time to kill in the office during the weekends. Often I find myself surfing around the web to find interesting and strange stories to share with others. This weekend, in my clicking I found something I could not help but question. I guess Benny Hinn is in desperate need of a private jet to help him spread the gospel. In fact he is in such a need, they have already taken possession of the plane. Unfortunately, they didn't have the money to purchase it yet. So he just needs 6000 people to donate $1000 to help with the DOWN PAYMENT.

Now don't get me wrong, I have nothing against the spreading of the true Gospel. (Although there is some question in terms of Mr. Hinn's version) In fact, I have been involved in that line of work for years, AND I FLY COACH! Sure, my work has basically been in one location, with only the need to fly about once a year for work projects. But again, I fly coach. During the years when I had to travel across America speaking at churches, I drove from place to place. There was no multi-million dollar plane to whisk me to the next church.

I wonder if Benny knows how many economy tickets he could buy with that $6,000,000 down payment? My rough guess says around 5500 to 6000 international tickets. If these are the last days as he claims, I don't see him needing that many, even if he takes some friends along.

You know what else could be done with that six million?
15625 children could be sponsored for a year.
12000 heifers could be donated to needy families.
300000 flocks of geese to provide eggs, meat, and down for those in need.
171,428 gardens could be planted.
15000 playgrounds assembled for children.
6000 wells dug and maintained.

Or you could provide me with a private jet so I don't have to wait in lines or have to continue to be profiled in my travels. Plus how am I expected to visit all the applicants from around the world?

Song to go with this post: Genesis - "Jesus He Knows Me"

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Posted by Ryan at 08:36
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Amen. I dig your train of thought. So I gather that you are in South Korea (from your Last.FM page). I think I just bookmarked your blog. later.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/12/06 20:45  


(I'm pretty sure that song was written for Rev. Benny).

By Anonymous Dave T, at 5/12/06 12:04  

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