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Never Be Your Valentine

The calendar tells me it is time for another post for Valentine's Day, or Single Awareness Day as it is known in some parts. As February begins, I'm reminded of a few patterns in my routine regarding this holiday. The most recent one of those has been to link back to the classic lyrics I co-wrote back during my camp days. Which was far better than last year's attempt at creativity. But enough self linking, at least for now.

I told my students last night of another common pattern I once had around this Hallmark holiday. While I'm not proud of it, that pattern was to break up with a girl with in a couple days before or after Valentine's Day. I think this could be part of the reason I'm currently cursed to wander this earth alone. At least my solitary wandering isn't combined with being a zombie, as that would just stink. After much thought, I don't think I could gain an appreciation for the taste of brains. Plus I hear it is really tough to get a job as a zombie. But on the flip side, it would be cool to have Dolores O'Riordan sing about me. Wait a minute, that has been done. Now what was I talking about? Zombies, I mean Valentine's Day.

So here is my random thought for today. Why is it that Saint Valentine is the patron saint for lovers, bee keepers, and the plague?

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Posted by Ryan at 08:32
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Brains! And zombies can hold down jobs. You just have to know where to look: http://pseudopod.org/2006/10/06/pseudopod-006-what-dead-people-are-supposed-to-do/

By Anonymous Dave T, at 15/2/07 18:19  

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