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Thirteen Steps Back

It's post Six Six Six
Glad I'm not superstitious
And on the thirteenth.

It's been quiet here
While I've got a lot to say
Don't know what to share.

The Swiss autobahn
Topping one hundred-sixty
Racing fighter jets.

Do we really need
Vending machines for your pet?
What will they serve next?

Anxiously waiting
But before you leave the train
Leave your butt behind.

First night in Basel
Slept at the Y.M.C.A.
Where it's fun to stay.

She spoke in German
But I could still understand
Free cheese to sample.

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Posted by Ryan at 00:09
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Free cheese sample? That Illinois charm gets you everywhere, doesn't it?

Glad you got back safely.

By Anonymous bolton tea party, at 16/4/07 03:07  

If I really had the charm I would have brought enough for the raclette that night. Or even brought her to join us.

By Blogger Ryan, at 23/4/07 06:22  

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