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As my dream was ending the other morning, I was in a subway station and listening to a song I had never heard before. Yet in my dream I knew it was a great song, but when I woke I couldn't remember the tune or the lyrics. Unfortunately, it will never be a hit. Interestingly right before I went to bed, I had listened to what could be one of the worst songs ever. But I think I will discuss that in the next post.

I'm writing tonight about what could be my favorite music competition ever, the Eurovision Song Contest. This year forty two countries will be represented my musicians hoping their song will be named the best. In about a days time twenty eight of those will be in the semifinals. Ten will move on to final round where they will join last years top ten countries, plus the big four (U.K., Germany, France, and Spain).

Last year, I picked my top ten from the start. This year, I'm going to break it up in two parts. Today I'll give you my picks for who will move on to the finals, and then in a day or so, I'll give you my picks for the winner, or at least top five. So based on viewing all the videos and my fine judge of music, European tastes, and attractive female vocalists, combined with a little chance, I give you what I believe will be the ten countries to move on to the final round:

1. Andorra - "Salvem El Mon"
2. Israel - "Push The Button"
3. Hungary - "Unsubstantial Blues"
4. Turkey - "Shake It Up Sekerim"
5. Moldova - "Fight"
6. FYR Macedonia - "Mojot Svet"
7. Latvia - "Questa Notte"
8. Bulgaria - "Voda"
9. Belgium - "Love Power"
10. Denmark - "Drama Queen"

Before I close this out, I give you my top three lyrics found on the Eurovision site:
1. "Itch people will gnaw our wishes" - translated from the Moldova's entry.
2. "You colour me blue, run my passion to read, It's feeling like I've become indigo" - Malta's entry
3. "If there were a hundred women there, I'd ask her to dance, even though I don't dance." - translated from the Czech Republic's entry.

Who do you think is moving on to the next round?

Currently listening to: Lordi - "Hard Rock Hallelujah"


Posted by Ryan at 12:14
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There must have been a mistake when uploading your comments. How did The Bobo himself get lost from your top ten?

By Anonymous Bolton Tea Party, at 10/5/07 06:13  

I was going to save my comments on the Bobo for the next post... but let's just say picking him to represent the Swiss was up there with Mystery Park in the good idea department.

By Blogger Ryan, at 10/5/07 07:29  

Yesterday's fiasco was a reminder to never mess with The Cordell when it comes to music...

By Anonymous Bolton Tea Party, at 11/5/07 02:06  

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