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Driving Down To The Sidewalk

Earlier tonight a few of us were discussing the insanity that is driving in Korea. Some might think it is just a stereotype, but I have seen how those stereotypes are founded. Even today I watched from the front seat as my cab driver clearly ran a red light, and not just a recently changed one. Unfortunately this is not uncommon in my experience. This is why I haven't purchased a motor scooter, and why my bike has spent a good amount of time in the storage closet. I still keep an eye out for the car with a me sized dent from my bike accident.

As I walked home tonight I noticed a few people gathered around a car parked on the sidewalk. At first I thought it had broken down and they were trying to fix it. Upon closer examination, the car was jammed up against the tree and the was a man trapped under the car. I stood watching the crowd size increase as more people came out to see what had happened. From what I could gather the car had driven up onto the sidewalk for some reason and began to do some damage. It collided with a large crane game which ended up over a hundred feet away. Sixty feet from where the car ended up where a pair of shoes that I assumed belonged to the guy in socks pinned under the car. Before I headed back to work in the dorm, I watched officials load three or four guys into the ambulance and at least one guy into the police car. As I walked back it dawned on me that if I had started home a few minutes earlier, it could have been me riding to the hospital tonight.

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Posted by Ryan at 09:56
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Wow...how fascinating...glad you are safe!

By Blogger Mickie, at 16/8/07 11:03  

yeah, a bit exciting this neighborhood can be. Last year's big news was a murder over an ice cream bar.

By Blogger Ryan, at 17/8/07 08:12  

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