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Party On The Positive Side

A couple weeks ago, I had the displeasure of flying on Northwest Airlines. While I might tell more about that later, I will go on record saying I found my overall experience on Uzbekistan Airways last year far superior than any I have had with NWA (with I think stands for Numbskulls With Airplanes).

As we were preparing to disembark at the Incheon, Airport, one of the flight attendants paged one of the passengers on the flight. As she did she stuttered and messed up a little, or at least appeared to, and thus this is what the announcement and following comments sounded like:

Flight Attendant: Would passenger Marky Mark (mumble mumble) please contact...
Me: Wow, I thought I saw a funky bunch on the plane, but didn't know their leader was with them.
Other Passenger: So that wasn't some bad turbulence we hit, it was just "Good Vibrations."

And that my friends was the best part of the NWA experience.

Currently listening to: Marky Mark And the Funky Bunch - "Good Vibrations"

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