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Hasn't Stopped Raining For Days

Friday I linked to the Youth Group song, "Start The Day Tomorrow." When I looked out the window this morning the first lines of that song came to mind:
The summer rain is falling like its never going to stop, it's been ages.
Puddles form on city corners, businessmen they leap between the edges.
Umbrellas take up battle spots but nature's fury always proves much stronger.
I've been sitting in my room wondering if I'm going to last much longer
The forecast tells me that there is at least four more days of rain ahead. I am sick of rain. I am weary of dodging puddles and streams flowing down the street. I'm tired of carrying an umbrella. I want a rainbow to tell me that this too will pass.

In my radio days, I would humor myself and hopefully my listeners by playing rain based songs. So in that spirit, I made an iMix, I like to call, "Rain Rain, Go Away." Give it a click and a listen.

If it does not stop soon, the only joy I could get out of this rain is if it turned purple. Purple rain, purple rain, I only want 2 see u , I only want 2 see u in the purple rain.

Currently listening to: My "Rain Rain, Go Away" iMix

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Posted by Ryan at 11:42
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I can't remember what the lyrics are to Purple Rain...but I notice it's got a bright red explicit sign...wow...what are you trying to do, corrupt your readers?

By Blogger Mickie, at 5/9/07 21:41  

Well, you know me. Actually it is due to Apple's all or nothing policy on bad words. If one song on the album is listed "explicit," then all the songs are. For example, see Damien Rice's last album.

By Blogger Ryan, at 5/9/07 23:50  

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