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Last Night Was Shaking And Pretty Loud

When I told some of my friends here that I was going to the Scorpions concert, I got mixed reactions. Some questioned my taste in music, others questioned who in the world the Scorpions where. Still others just blamed my extensive stay in Germany for my interest in hearing one of the fatherland's biggest selling artists perform.

All in all, it was a rather good concert. Once again my concert luck paid off, when I purchased one of the cheapest tickets, yet ending up in the most expensive seats. As far as the band goes, I was impressed with their musicianship. I actually had to try to remember the last concert that had guitar, bass and drum solos. To be honest, I even got goosebumps during the introduction to "Wind of Change." They spoke about growing up in the shadow of the Berlin Wall, and writing the song after it fell. Klaus then mentioned that on their first day here in Korea, they visited the DMZ, and thought about how the "wind of change" could easily see a change there too. And then the whistling began...

Although the best line of the night came during the encore. They had played all of their biggest hits, save one. To introduce it, lead singer Klaus Meine announced, "Don't worry Seoul, we will not leave without rocking you like a hurricane" To which the crowd burst into wild applause. Made me wish I could drop lines like that, and for it actually make sense.

Currently listening to: Scorpions - Wind of Change

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Posted by Ryan at 12:54
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Sounds like they did rock you like a Hurricane!

By Blogger Mickie, at 29/10/07 12:27  

What are you talking about? You drop lines like that all the time!

By Anonymous Dave, at 29/10/07 15:33  

"To be honest, I even got goosebumps during the introduction to Wind of Change."

Bet you feel better after confessing that dirty secret to the cyberworld, eh? Admittedly, I found myself whistling along to The Corrs recently. Mid-life crisis, me thinks.

By Anonymous Bolton Tea Party, at 7/11/07 06:50  

I'm not sure that The Corrs constitutes a mid-life crisis. Had you said Markita or Samantha Fox then the answer would be yes.

By Blogger Ryan, at 9/11/07 01:30  

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