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It has only been three days since my post on Korean television, and I have already seen Charlie And the Chocolate Factory and Spiderman 2 being aired again. Surprisingly, I do not watch a whole lot of television. At least here in Korea, like in Europe as well, commercials do not always break up shows, but are mostly shown before and after the program. Sure you have to put up with about ten to fifteen minutes between shows, but at least it is not breaking up the story line of your favorite show. And once in a while you actually get good commercials. This is one being shown in repetition for Samsung's Anycall cell phone. It actually works as a stand alone music video, complete with a 1984 storyline. Enjoy.

You can also watch it with English subtitles, but I would recommend doing that after watching the original.

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Posted by Ryan at 06:31
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A 9 minute commercial. Wow.

By Blogger Mickie, at 19/11/07 19:11  

Yeah, sometimes they just show the second half of the video. Every time I see it, I actually feel the urge to watch it.

By Blogger Ryan, at 19/11/07 20:06  

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