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Picture Yourself On A Train In A Station

"Travel" is the theme at PhotoFriday this week. This might be the toughest theme for me to narrow down. Having passed through over thirty five countries, how do you pick one photo from all those adventures? I chose this photo of the Basel SBB train station. It has been a starting, ending, or midway stop to some of my greatest adventures. From here I started several ski trips into Switzerland. I pass through here three times on a fifteen day, fifteen country trek across Europe. Even on my summer of riding the Trans-Siberian railroad, I managed to pass through the SBB. On that trip, I arrived and found a place to store my luggage. Ten minutes later I entered one of my favorite churches, only to miss the first song of the morning service.

I look forward to my next time through that fine station.

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Posted by Ryan at 07:19
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I love that train station!

By Blogger Mickie, at 17/11/07 19:23  

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