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We Stay Up Very, Very, Very, Very Late

Must make this post quick
Got some computer problems
It keeps shutting down.

Switched to a back up
My eight year old computer
Call it Old Faithful.

Enjoying late nights
Not having to do breakfast
This gig got better.

An X-files movie
I really hope this is true
Find out in July.

Watched this episode
About imagination
Has the best ending.

Currently listening to: John Fogerty -


Posted by Ryan at 08:38
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I remember watching the episode in Germany -- sent via mother-in-law. One of the best episodes of that season.

Seriously, I know you saw the final episode because you told me you kinda liked it...but have you really not watched any of the rest of that season?

By Anonymous Dave, at 9/11/07 11:13  

I can't be sure, but I am almost done watching the whole season from start to finish. And yes, the Lone Gunmen APPEAR to die. I say it is just a conspiracy.

By Blogger Ryan, at 9/11/07 18:42  

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