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Living Out This Life I've Chose

I have been lacking in things to post lately, but here are a couple random thoughts:

1. It is sad when a Popa John's Pizza across town is a note of excitement in your week, if not month. Too bad they do not deliver to this side of town. But if the mountain won't come to Muhammad, Muhammad must go to the mountain.

2. When I die, I want someone to hire David Caruso (or a suitable impersonator) to stand off to the distance at my burial. Then after some silence, he should put on some sunglasses and walk away. This could be a sign I have been watching too much CSI Miami.

3. Today I was saddened by the news that Dan Fogelberg passed away. Unfortunately, most of the people I work with would have to google to figure out who he was.

4. I never expected that I would be my age and still counting down days until Christmas break. Heck, I might be more excited than some of my days as a student. And the number is 3, but that is including a day off.

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Posted by Ryan at 04:17
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