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Packing A Suitcase

I sit here waiting for my laundry to dry. I wonder why I always put packing off until the last possible moments. Even more so, I am curious how I ended up like this. I look at my siblings and those who grew up around me, and none have traveled to the extent that I have. Many would see it as a blessing, but there are times I would beg to disagree. Another country, another town, another frustrating language. Do not get me wrong, I am very thankful for the miles I have traveled, and even more so for those I have met along the way. But who else do you know that uses luggage as furniture? That nightstand by my bed is a suitcase. And my laundry bin is the Rubbermaid tub I shipped some of my stuff over in. I even have a collection of alarm clocks I have bought around the world, not because I collect them, but I end up forgetting to pack one. Which reminds me, I better pack one of those.

Well, the laundry is done. Must finish packing and try to get a little sleep. I do not want to miss Ratatouille and Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer on the flight. At least on my return they are showing The Simpsons Movie and Stardust.

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Posted by Ryan at 09:56
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