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But Is It Fast Enough?

"The Machine" is the theme at PhotoFriday this week. Above is the 1989 Toyota Camry that was kindly donated to me this summer. Thanks Dave! I do not know if reasoning was as an easy way to get rid of the car, or because he secretly wanted me to end up broken down along the side of a highway. I was impressed with how well that car performed. It made it all the way from Los Angeles, CA to Marquette, MI without any issues. It did not even take the shortest route, much to the chagrin of a Texan police officer, who told me I should not be driving in his state. That was right before he did a thorough drug search of the car and those riding it in.

Now it sits in storage, awaiting the next big adventure. In fact, last night my dad was asking me if I thought it would make another trip to the west coast and back. Not sure, but I would be game to find out.

I also like this photo of the car, taken by one of my friends who decided to join me for a week of the road trip.

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Posted by Ryan at 03:48
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Ah, the blue bastard. She's a sight for sore eyes. Glad she didn't crap out on you.

By Anonymous Dave, at 25/1/08 17:40  

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