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We Can Go Where We Want To

It has been great to be back in Europe again. It is great to be able to wander around Dublin or Basel without a map. It has also been fun to have people give reference points like statues to meet up at, and know exactly where they are talking about. I even had one friend give me the wrong address for the Indian diner, but I knew exactly where he meant. I have been asked by several people for directions, and have been able to point them in the right direction. The oddest request was a man who asked me how to get to Trinity College about a fifty yards from the entrance to the college. I pointed to the building right across the street, and laughed as he walked off.

Besides knowing my way around, I also feel at home with the German radio stations. It appears they have not changed their song lists since the day I left. I have actually heard "Anything For Love" by Meatloaf twice in the last two days of driving around the Black Forest. And when Men Without Hats told me, "I could leave my friends behind," I almost had to pull over to do the "Safety Dance." Makes me wonder why I even left this audio wonderland.

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Posted by Ryan at 13:04
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Ah, good to hear the German radio stations still understand good music. Meet me at the statue where the guy's sitting on the toilet in the Black Forest.

By Anonymous Dave, at 7/1/08 15:36  

And I felt so bad about giving you the wrong address that I let you pay for the Indian meal. Generosity abounds in this part of the world!

By Anonymous Bolton Tea Party, at 16/1/08 03:40  

I guess that is what I get for having lunch with a doctor of economics. They always know how to save a dollar/franc/euro or what ever the currency of the day is.

By Blogger Ryan, at 21/1/08 19:24  

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