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Can't Drive 55

I was notified this week that a speeding ticket with my name on it arrived at my parents house. Guess while I was in Europe over the Christmas break, I was going a little too fast on the Swiss autobahn. Whoops. So now I get to make a nice donation to the Swiss economy. You would think they have enough money, and would not need my hard earned money. The least they could do was print my receipt out on some fine Swiss chocolate.

For those interested, my international driving record now looks like this:
Switzerland - Two speeding tickets
Germany - One speeding ticket
USA - Two speeding tickets, one warning for driving in Georgia with a cracked windshield, and one warning for driving through Texas. Seriously, the officer told me there were more direct ways to get from California to Illinois. One minor accident.
Italy - One completely wrecked automobile. I left it at the junkyard.
Korea - One Ryan sized dent on a stranger's automobile.

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Posted by Ryan at 12:56
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Some collect statues of famous buildings while traveling...you collect speeding tickets...much more expensive, but also more interesting!

By Blogger Mickie, at 26/2/08 20:41  

When we were driving in London almost two years ago, I got a picture taken of driving through a tax zone (or something). That was a very expensive ticket.

By Anonymous Dave, at 28/2/08 12:10  

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