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The Great Nations Of Europe

The final contestants have been announced in the Eurovision Song Contest. So I now give you my picks for the top five:

1. Latvia
2. Germany
3. Bosnia Herzegovina
4. Denmark
5. Turkey

Speaking of the contest, I always enjoy reading some of the lyrics to the song. The Irish song this year had the line, "Give us another chance, we're sorry for Riverdance." And while it was full of humorous lines on purpose, several songs are not intentional. The one that threw me the most was from the Czech Republic. The line is "Just like the stars go with the starshine." At first I thought it was just some Eastern European without a great combination of English. I was saddened to discover it was written by an American who has also penned songs for Hannah Montana, Natalie Grant, and the movie Little Miss Sunshine. Sadly, he is not the only American with songs at stake in the European competition, including the gal singing for Poland. Makes me wonder if I have a shot singing for some Eastern European country some day.

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