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Going Back To Cali

Well kids, in the spirit of many males during the gold rush and L.L. Cool J, I am going back to Cali. A friend is moving out there and was looking for someone to help with the drive. My love for road trips and my current employment status have met in a perfect storm sort of way that will allow me to once again crisscross this great nation of ours.

Tonight we picked up some basic supplies for the trip: Candy, drinks, spray paint, crackers, apple sauce, and beef jerky. Then we went to find some ethnic food in the area. I am very happy to say I am stuffed with some of the best red curry I have had in a long time. At least I have that going for me.

See ya somewhere down the road.

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Posted by Ryan at 22:21
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yeah, i should be seeing you somehwer./.... okay, my bakcspace button is not working. i should be seeing you somewhere down the road... glad you are able to get on the road again so soon. you are every so lucky. enjoy the openness for me compadre.

By Anonymous chris, at 31/8/08 03:01  

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