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Don't Stop Believing

Being a hermit in the woods makes it tough to keep up with the latest news and respond in an appropriate and timely manner, at least online. Sure, I can tell all the birds and fish around me my thoughts on the events of the day, as I get them via the nightly news. But to post online for all to read, my thoughts are probably a few days old before I go town to access the internets. So I will say I am excited about the President Elect and all that means. But last night, I was a little saddened when the news reported that the "Evangelical Christians" are upset about this election. The ABC report went on to say that even though most states propositions regarding gay marriage went in the religious way, the fact that our new president does not share a pro-life stance that they are upset.

DANG, as one who considers himself a Christian, and sometimes in the Evangelical world, I am upset by this response. Really, can we be upset after seeing the nation come together in such a great response the other night? When "God's chosen" president GWB has been in power for eight years and has done jack squat about abortion, let alone taken us to war to avenge his daddy, put our economy in toilet by telling people to spend, not conserve in a time of war, put the world in jeopardy with with environmental stance, and generally has made our country the laughing stock of the world, yet still some who claim to be Christians would rather continue along this same route. Sadly, I heard an interview with one Texan who was upset he couldn't vote for GWB for a third term. REALLY?

And while I have some pretty big reasons to be against abortion, I also know that no matter what government does, people will continue to have kids they don't want and look for ways to prevent that. In my book it is not a rules and laws thing, but something that needs to be dealt with on the personal and relational level.

All I know is that there appears to be hope on the horizon. And instead of getting all pissy about not having a pro-life president, perhaps we should look at some of the other aspects that Obama will bring to our nation that are right in the eyes of our God. First of all some much needed healing that our country needs.

As for me, I will still stick with Romans 13:1 - "Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God."

And now I will go back to my usual stupid posts about photos and videos I have made, or music I think you need to hear....

plus I should have first read this post of a friend of mine. His words are so much better than mine.


Posted by Ryan at 14:09
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Love the passion! And I couldn't agree more...I keep getting in little tiffs with Christians who have gone completely hysterical about the election...in a white jacket sense.

By Blogger Mickie, at 8/11/08 17:00  

if we as Jesus-following Christians really put our passion, strength and excitement into something bigger and more important than whining about whatever we DON'T like, i think our world would look completely different...and for me, that begins with me -- i'm not responsible for whatever views (or, lack thereof) another has, but i AM hugely responsible for myself...secondly, Obama says he can bring change -- and i don't think he's wrong, but i do think that if change is what people desperately want, then that also begins with us in our personal, day-to-day lives, not just relying on him, or whoever is in leadership...Ryan, i like all your blogs -- music, video or otherwise...oh, and, yeah -- how's it going?...long time, no internetally-exchanged-laughs...

By Blogger ben, at 11/11/08 16:23  

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