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Enjoy The Silence

Once in a while someone comes up with an idea so stupid it might just work. Today, I came across this report about a silent radio station. Every couple minutes it sends your computer or phone gets a message with the title of some potential earworm. I'm guessing it ranges from Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious and It's A Small World to Ice, Ice Baby and Hey Ya. (Thank me later for getting that combo of songs stuck in your head.)

So now that that idea is taken, I guess the only thing to do is Christianize* it. Just think of it now, all the great Christian songs broadcast in silence to your computer or phone. I imagine it now. "You just heard Sandi Patty sing Love In Any Language, here is Michael W. Smith with Friends, followed by The Champion by Carman. And don't forget Psalty Saturdays, with twice the Psalty every hour."

Hmmm, maybe it could work.

* Christianize in this case has nothing to do with Christ, but with the Christian Subculture, which according to some really should have more to do with Christ.

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Posted by Ryan at 11:45
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not exactly the same, but i recently saw a superbly terrible youtube video that "Christianized" a song to make it relevant to sing in church -- Dead or Alive's (i think?) song, changing lyrics to sing "you spin me right round, Jesus, right round..."...the music guy made everyone take their socks of and spin them in the air while they sang it...i hang my head in shame...

By Blogger ben, at 14/1/09 02:33  

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