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Pushing An Elephant Up The Stairs

This week at PhotoFriday the theme is pet. I do not have a pet. Part of the reason is that they limit the vagabond lifestyle. I would also have a hard time spending money to take care and feed something that I am just going to have to clean up after.

But if I had a limitless supply of money and land to have animals to call my own, I would probably have to have an elephant. There is just something cool about seeing one up close. Perhaps it is due to my desire of being in a circus as a kid. It could also could be related to the Simpsons episode where Bart wins an elephant. Either way, I am guessing I would be the coolest guy on the block, owning my own pachyderm.

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Posted by Ryan at 00:27
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"KBBL is gonna give me something stupid!"...classic episode...i've always been rather fond of rhinos, myself...

By Blogger ben, at 14/2/09 15:52  

There's something to be said for pet rocks! Maybe even a Ch-Ch-Chia Pet.

By Anonymous Dave, at 17/2/09 11:08  

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