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Strikes A Blow With His Census Form

For those unaware, or those who really care, I have found some employment with the United States government. I would love to tell you I am now a special agent in the FBI with the task of trying to solve the cases they have assigned an unsolvable status due to some unexplained phenomena. Unfortunately my X-file solving will have to wait for another day.

Right now, I am working as a lister for the Census Bureau. I basically will be assisting the government as they update their address lists. This means I will be going door to door checking addresses. There is a press release telling a little more about what I am doing, and not to fear me, and others like me, if you see us walking up your driveway. But if you see me walking by, and the tears are in my eyes, look away, baby, look away.

I am just glad I do not have to ask any personal questions at this point. I fear I would encounter too many people like this guy.


Posted by Ryan at 17:27
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