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Music Makes My World Go Round

I have no idea how I completely missed the fact that the Eurovision is happening this weekend, but I did. It dawned on me today when one of last years songs played on my iTunes. I did a quick email check and discovered the semi-finals have already happened, and the finals are Saturday.

I usually try to give a listen to all the songs entered, and then pick what I feel will be the top ten. Sadly, I do not have the time right now, as I am getting ready to head into the north woods again. So, I will just go ahead and say that my vote for the winner is......


I say this because I am a big fan of the Lovebugs, the Swiss representative. I am glad that the Swiss finally had the smarts to pick them to represent, unlike a few years ago with DJ Bobo.

Sadly, I will not be able to watch the show, but I have gone ahead and put an order for the double cd of all the songs. And if my prediction is right, I'm seriously thinking of trying to be at next years finals.


Posted by Ryan at 21:44
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I heard via NPR today that Eurovision was happening and thought of you! Hope your trip to the woods is good!

By Blogger mickie, at 15/5/09 20:01  

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