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The web page you tried to access is not available to you.

The reason why could be any of the following....

1. Ryan still doesn't know how to create websites.
2. The Webmonster came and ate the page.
3. This page can only been seen with a Commodore 64.
4. You are surfing drunk. (Friends don't let friends drink and surf!)
5. You don't know the secret handshake.
6. Your computer has Attention Defecate Disorder.
7. You are not tall enough to access this page.
8. The page is on vacation.
9. The page left me for a better website.
10. The page demanded union wages for its work.
11. Psychic friends of yours moved the page 'cause they knew you really didn't want to see it.
12. The page is already lining up for the next Star Wars film.
13. You're too ugly to view this page.
14. You have yet to subscribe to "ryancordell.com friends and family," for the full access pass.
15. This page is in a hard-hat area, and I could tell you were not wearing one.
16. That darn Harry Potter had something to do with it.
17. I felt it was more important to watch reruns of Alf than complete this website.
18. You didn't say please when you clicked the link.

Or the information never really existed, and this was just some lame excuse to try to be funny.

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