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Wanna Know About Ryan Cordell?

What can one say about himself, without sounding arrogant, conceited, or offending someone else who might have seen it differently? Here goes...

On April 24, 1973, Ryan Cordell entered this world in a hospital in Peoria, Illinois. He was the second son of Donald and Eleanor Cordell. For two short years he enjoyed being doted on by his parents and Alan, his older brother, but soon the limelight would be taken away, and he would forever be a middle child. This happened with the birth of Daren, and later Lynn, his only sister.

The six of them resided in the village of Morton, the Pumpkin Capital of the World. Under the shadow of the mighty pumpkin plant, he and his siblings had a pretty simple life. Father worked at the local high school, and mother worked various odd jobs while her children were in school. (Some of her jobs include bank teller, truck lift operator at local grain elevator, feed store employee, and food sample lady) Their parents taught them the values of hard work, faith, family, and fun.

During the summers of his life, Ryan and his family would vacate the friendly community of Morton, to head to a remote location somewhere in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. For about six weeks every summer, he was allow to run free to his hearts content. Together with his family, there was much fishing, swimming, hiking, raspberry picking, fire building, fireworks exploding, pong, and riding Big Wheels down a long hill, off a dock, and into the water. It was always a happy time, except when his older brother made him pick up hot rocks from the fire pit.

After finishing high school, Ryan had to decide to either head off to college or join the carnival when it came through town that coming fall. Due to the peer pressure, he went the way of school loans. After a semester at Trinity College in Deerfield, Illinois, a year and a half at Illinois Central College, and two years at John Brown University, in Siloam Springs, Arkansas, Ryan had a bachelors degree in Radio Broadcasting, with a minor in camping.

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