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The Man

Wanna Know More About Ryan Cordell?

After finishing college, Ryan obtained a lucrative job in the meat production industry. For a couple years Ryan saw more ham than the average human could ever eat in their lifetime. Although a fun job at times, he knew this was not his calling. For a short time he was also an on air announcer part time at a local radio station. During this time Ryan had the opportunity to spend two months in Ireland, working as a missionary intern.

It was during this time Ryan was fully bit by the missions bug. He returned from Ireland with the intent to return there to work in youth ministry. Little did he know that God had a slightly different plan. During his fund raising and missionary training days, his path was changed to lead him to the Black Forest Academy in Germany, an International Christian school located in Kandern, Germany.

When he first arrived at BFA, Ryan was assigned to the construction crew to assist with the building of Project Nehemiah, a sports facility and auditorium for the school. For four months he slung a hammer, helped install ceiling tile, lay bricks, and various odd jobs on the site.

That following fall he became a Resident Assistant in the dorm known as HBR. There he lived and worked with forty guys from around the world. He did their laundry, helped cook their meals, and was their personal driver. It was an experience he would not trade quickly, but did when the position of webmaster/assistant development officer opened up at BFA. He served as thefor another four years, before stepping down from his duties.

Six months later, Ryan was hired by Taejon Christian International School in Korea, where he began serving as a Residence Assistance in their residence program in January of 2005. He remained there until the summer of 2008. He left Korea aboard a freighter ship heading to America. Since then he has wandered aimlessly across the country of his birth.

That brings us to today. You might want to check back on these pages soon, as I might embellish this path a little more.

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