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Building a CD Collection

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One question that I get from time to time is how did I get a music collection as large as mine. See, I've got a what some friends call a decent sized collection, what others call an obsession, and still others call an addiction. My parents have given up hope, and figure there could be worse things to collect. (Like my one friend who was once collecting his belly button lint in a jar. - but that is a whole other story.)

It stems from my belief that music is one of the most powerful forces man can control. Music can make you cry, bring back a memory of years ago, help you fall in love, and even with enough base can actually cause one to lose control over their bowels. That my friend is a powerful force. It is a sad and scary fact, but I would estimate that I have the lyrics to over 50,000 songs buried somewhere in my head. Flip on any 80s tune, and I could probably tell you the lyrics to the chorus. Not something I'm completely proud of, just a sad fact.

This said, I want to tell all you young folk out there how you can build a decent collection. Here are a few of my rules.

1. The CDs need to be purchased by you (or received as gifts). Copied discs are not good in my book.

2. A decent collection is not made up of one style, but a sampling of the best of many categories. If you look at my music selection, you will find country, rock, metal, folk, alternative, gospel, classical, and even some rap. There is even a variety of languages in the Cordell collection, from German rap to Czech rock, all helps to make the collection better.

3. A big collection has a better chance at being a good collection. Quantity over quality. Sure you could have the ten best CDs as voted by some magazine or another, but you only have ten CDs. If you have fifty, when friends come over there is a better chance they will be able to select something that will fit the mood.

4. My personal philosophy is that you need some kitsch in the collection. For example I own some "Weird Al" Yankovic, some guy singing Christian music in a style of a lounge singer, and a guy who plays crystal glasses. Add some variety to make your collection special. Cause how many people own a Scott Baio record?

5. Know where to buy your discs. This is the key. If you are planning on building a decent sized collection, you don't want to sacrifice you college education money. Be smart about your purchases. Pawn shops and Used CD stores often carry the albums you want at a price closer to the price of a hamburger than that of a movie.

6. CD Clubs, CD Clubs, CD Clubs. I can't say enough about these. In fact I would say this is where over half my collection came from. Often you can find a great deal like get 12 for the price of 1, with no commitment. If you are like me "no commitment." is magic to your ears. Sign up my friend. They are at the point now where you can even do all the processing of it online. This is also a great way to get those albums you wouldn't mind having, but don't want to admit you bought. Get them in your free deal. That's how I obtained albums by Chicago, Richard Marx, and several Disney soundtracks.

7. Let people know that you like to collect music. People will then feel like giving you music over a sweater from those gift giving occasions. Although this could backfire, as some might feel that they will give you something that you already have. Suggest gift certificates then, or set up a wish list at amazon.com.

Well, that is about all I know on this area. Good luck. And if you need a jump start.....

  12 CDs for the Price of 1!




12 CDs for the Price of 1!

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