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What exactly does that word mean? Growing up we toss it about for our actions toward the less fortunate, or even to make fun of some one who is a "charity case." Lately, though, I've been thinking about it more and more. As part of my job is raising funds for the school which I work with, I have spent many hours seeking news and information regarding charities. How to get people to give, how to promote oneself, what other "charities" are doing in various aspects of charity life.

Now this is less an essay, and more a challenge. While on a missions trip to the Czech Republic, I would issue a "Cordell Challenge" to the kids, by presenting a goal to attempt during a specific time. Now I want to issue my first online "Cordell Challenge."

Here it is: I want anyone reading this to leave this site and donate some money to a charity, any charity.

Why? For many reasons, including.....
1. Because you will feel better about yourself.
2. You will be helping someone else.
3. There are very few charities that couldn't use an extra few dollars.
4. You can get tax deductions for it.
5. Because I said so, and might cry if you don't.

Actually, I've seen websites begging for people to donate a couple dollars to the webmaster if they have enjoyed the site. So, I'm going to do something crazy, and say if I have made you laugh during your time at my site, go to some charity and donate a couple dollars. If I didn't make you laugh, go and donate some money any way.

Need a jumping point?

Donation Portals (the ones that give the most directly to charities)

Networkforgood.org - you can give as little as $10
JustGive.org - great for giving to a multitude of charities at once.
CanadaHelps.org - for all the Canadians out there.

Might I suggest a few charities to give to through the above portals:
Evangelical Mennonite Camping Association, Habitat For Humanity, or Evangelicals For Social Action.

Personal Favorites

Evangelical Mennonite Church - The group who has sent me out.

Want To Shop Online and Make a Difference?

Try using Igive to have a percent of your online shopping go to a charity.

Want To Donate Time Instead Of Money?

Look at JustGive under volunteer opportunities

Thanks, now go help make a difference in this crazy world.


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