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Living In Danger

Living In Danger

Years ago missionaries would leave for their country of service, knowing full well they might never return. Some even would pack their clothes and goods in their casket, knowing it would serve them soon enough. From poor health conditions to savage tribes, missionaries knew there were dangers that might get the best of them.

But when I left for Germany, this was not a thought in my head. I was heading to a civilized area, with proper hospitals, friendly people, and a lower murder rate than an American classroom. I didn't think I would be putting my life in danger on a daily basis. But, little did I know.

The following three signs are markers of the dangerous trip I make at least twice a day to travel from my apartment to my office five kilometers away. Although a relatively short distance, there are at least nine corners. But those are the least of my worries.


This sign warns of either extremely large snow flakes, or ninjas with throwing stars. I'm not sure, as I have seen little of either lately. Actually, this is a warning about possible snowy impasses. And to tell the truth, I did get a van stuck on this road in the snow. Luckily the local fire department was on hand to get me out.



This is a warning of the possibility of being crushed by falling rocks. Although the hill near the road is not that steep, they just cleared most of the trees off of it. So I am thinking the odds are increasing. My basic plan in response to this is to drive a little quicker to give the rocks a smaller time frame to hit my car in.



But these two are the least of my worries.... It is the next sign, and its warnings that I fear the most.


Yes my friends, every spring and fall these signs are posted to warn of one of the most deadly forces known to the transportation industry......

The FROG!!

In fact, this year they have not only given a fierce warning (shown by the explanation point), but have also enforced a speed limit during the hours of 8 pm until 6 am. During those hours you are to travel at 50 kilometers in order to prevent death by frog.
Sure you think you might go faster to stay away from these horrible creatures, but there are reports of them latching on to cars with their quick tongues. From there they have found their ways into windows and sunroofs to attack the driver and passengers. I don't want to go into too much details about the horrible ends of many drivers, but I wouldn't want to be found with so many warts they have to use dental records to identify my body.

So there you go. To those who think I have an easy life over here, HA. I walk a thin tightrope every day on my to work. Sure it might be risky, but I do it for the kids.


(let it be known that I do not take lightly the risks many missionaries face daily to proclaim the name of Christ. I have the highest respect and admiration for those folks. I'm just thankful for the freedoms I have where I live. And the humor of a frog sign.)


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