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Don't Toy With My Childhood

Don't Toy...

So I was surfing the web the other day, when for some bizarre reason I went to www.transformers.com. It might have been too many Saturday morning cartoons that led me to that sight, but I was shocked when I got there.


I'm not totally sure what this is all about, but I don't like it. For years I watched as a might Optimus Prime led the Autobots to victory, as a fierce and mighty eighteen wheeler, semi, or big rig. (Depending on your terminology.) It was an ideal choice for the leader. The front cab would transform into the robot form of Optimus, while the trailer then became a mobile command center. It was, and should be the way life is, for the leader of the pack.

But no, somebody somewhere felt it was necessary to change Optimus around. I don't know if this is another Post-September 11th kickback or what. Now, I don't have anything against fire trucks and firemen. At one point I wanted to be one (a fireman that is), but you can't just change a semi into a fire truck. Plus, what is his fighting power now. Does he spit on people?

Well, now someone is toying with my childhood. They have taken what I know, and have changed it around. If they can do it with Optimus, they can do it with anyone. What is to stop marketing people to change Speed Racer into an Ice Cream truck driver? Who is to stop Scooby-Doo from becoming a poodle? Will anyone protect GI Joe and his friends from taking jobs as crew with the Coast Guard? Is there a group of people who will stand up and let the powers that be now that you can't toy with our childhood.

What can be done. Well here are a few suggestions.
1. Sign the petition. Let your voice be heard.
2. Sign another petition just for the fun of it.
. Send an email to Hasbro. Let the top dogs at Hasbro to return Optimus back to his Prime.
4. Tell a friend about the "Don't Toy With My Childhood" Campaign.


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