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Fun Links

People who have laughed at www.ryancordell.com have also laughed at these sites....

The Ship of Fools - Gadgets for God, Christian Myths Debunked, and more....

International Onomateopoeias - Here how things sound around the world.

Cheese Racing - Forget Kickboxing, this my friends is the sport of the future.

On-line bubble wrap - a modern version of a simple pleasure.

Greedy Rabbit - Silly rabbit, cursers are for kids.

Fun Stuff - Make sure you check out the elevator, cars, and dinosaur walk.

One Page of Fun - Turn your speakers up, and click over to this site.

Condiments - You want them, you need them, you can't get enough of them.

Pac-Man Fever - The song, the album, and the craze that still sweeps the nation.

Squeege Guy - Need your computer screen cleaned?

A huge Tiffany fan - I'm a fan of the singer, but no where near this level.

Need To Talk? - A resource to help you call complete strangers at payphones.

Pong - All you need to know about a classic, available in English and French.

Subway - Fight to bring back the classic cut at Subway.

The Gambler - Men who look like Kenny Rogers. Check out the spotting tips.

Wrestling And Religion - Can a Christian pull off a body slam?

I love my Bonsai Kitten! - Remember everything you see and read on the web is not real.

Dancing Paul - You can control his moves, you can't control your laughs.

Sleeping in Airports - A guide to the best places to sleep when traveling. Good stuff in my book.

Just a Dull Site - If you are dull, this is the place for you.

Manna From Heaven - A behind the scenes look at a Praise Bands rise to fame.

YogiKitten - The videos on this site make me laugh.

Also check my blog, as I often put great links there.

Know a site that has made you fall off your chair or wet yourself? Let me know I might link it. If it caused you to do both, I for sure will link it.

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