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Girlfriend Applicaion

How cool would it be to date Ryan Cordell?

Here you go, the chance of a lifetime, you can be my girlfriend. Learn more about why this application exists and how serious I am.
Feel feel to leave blank any question you don't want to answer. You don't get extra points for answering all the questions.
But also remember there are no such things as stupid questions, only stupid answers.


Once you fill out the form, click send. You will be redirected to another site to confirm your answers. Hit send there, and I'll be getting your application soon.

Basic Questions:

Age: If below 25 go here, if over 40 go here. Either way, don't fill out this form.
Gender: If you are not female, please go here.

Background Questions:

Current Employment:
Current Location:
Faith or Belief System:
On a scale of 1 to 10 (ten high) how important is this to you:

Personal Questions:

Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Which of the following do you have: (please delete any that do not apply to you)

Favorite Pet:
In the box below, please list your best and worst traits/characteristics:

In the box below please list your favorite book, movie, band, television show, website, color and food.
Feel free to list more than one favorite if it is necessary.

Random Questions:

Last three concerts you've attended:

At gift giving holidays (Christmas/Birthday/Groundhog Day/etc.) what would be a good gift for me?

In order to pay for dates, I will need to cut back my spending.
What area do you recommend?


Essay Questions:

Why are you filling out this form?

What was the reason for your last dating relationship's demise?

How do you feel about living in poverty?

What are a few song lyrics that either describe you, your mental state,
or that you just like to toss into conversation from time to time?

What is your feelings about moving far away from family/friends?

Why should I consider you for the title of my girlfriend?

Anything else you want to say or feel I need to know?

Any questions you have for me?

List two or three references (complete with email) who can recommend you
extra points if you can list an ex-boyfriend.


By submitting this you agree to allow me to:
read your answers, use them on my site, email you back if I feel like it,
share the answers with my close friends for laughs, and/or ignore that I even received your application.
But know that I will not sell your email, set you up with one of my friends,
or show up on your doorstep unannounced with a bouquet of flowers.

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