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Webster made me laugh
Flock of Seagulls, they ran
I ask where's the beef?

Tuna from the can
Toilet seat is always up
The bachelor life

Crowded House sang of
Towing Car With Hole In Roof
Don't Dream Its Over

Pumpkin Festival
Parade and pie eating contest
Morton Illinois

Time to make donuts
Really stupid commercials
Still can make me laugh

.Bill and Ted on trip
Meet famous people from time
Why no third movie?

Batman and Robin
Cartoon, movie not as good
As T.V. series

Face liked the ladies
Hannibal loved a good plan
Amazing gadgets

Dwarf in video
You can dance if you want to
Do the Safety Dance

Just a foolish beat
You came from out of the blue
Oh Debbie Gibson

Shiny metal coil
Fun for a girl and a boy
Always tangled up

The General Lee
Lost Sheep was their C.B. name
Those crazy Duke boys

Awesome adventures
I want to be a Goonie
Like to hang with Sloth

Pocket full of coins
Pac Man fever on the rise
Got to eat Blinky

Song about a game
By Buckner and Garcia
Still stuck in my head

Shaggy and Scooby
Fred and Velma paired up too
No one for Daphni

Garbage in the cans
Not on the side of highways
Indian tears up

Mannequin comes alive
More laughs for just one movie
Who makes up this stuff?

Can still remember
Bradys go to Hawaii
Surfing injury

Welcome Back Kotter
Travolta as a Sweathog
Horshack oh oh oh

Miller and Boyett
Fun and tears they gave us both
On Perfect Strangers

Jackson the King of Pop
Pepsi commercial with flames
Not good for the hair

Family in bus
Peacocks coming out of egg
Come on get happy

Michael and his car
Rescue all the pretty girls
Bonnie was alone

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