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Saturday Cartoons
He Man and The Dragon's Lair
Better than the Snorks

Hair puffy and big
Cindi Lauper sang She Bop
Asteroids was fun

A Cabbage Patch Kid
My brother got as a gift
Could this be the cause?

Shaggy and Scooby
Fred and Velma paired up too
No one for Daphni

New Kids On The Block
They had the Right Stuff
But where are they now?

Huge marshmallow man
Panic in New York City
Who you gonna call?

Mork calling Orson
Observe life on our planet
Finger is the straw

Not many tasted
Raging Raspberry Pepsi
I thought it could work

Camp jail school Christmas
Why did they all get tainted
By that odd Ernest?

Jackson the King of Pop
Pepsi commercial with flames
Not good for the hair

Not really a poem
Just a bunch of words in some
Pattern and order

Small black comb in hand
Searching through all the tangles
Finding lice or not

Color the plastic
Parents put in the oven
Time for Shrinky Dinks

Tiffany my love
I thought we were alone then
Could have been so right

Grover or Yoda
Speak like in same voice funny
Related could be?

Rich boy with big train
Derek was his nerdy friend
Must be Silver Spoons

Rocky One, Two, Three
Set the stage for the best one
East versus west fight

.Writing fun haikus
Always hardest part for me
The very last line

More Haikus for you
Page three written by me
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