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Here are some sites that just didn't fit into the other catagories...

My First (and only) Race - Yes, I ran in a race in Switzerland.

Basel Movie Listings - Want to see what is playing at some of my favorite theaters?

Morton, Illinois - To know me, is to know where I came from. To love me is to look at my hometown from space. You can do that and more at this site.

The Morton Pumpkin Festival - It is what people in my home town do for fun. Be sure to check out the pumpin chuckin' section!!

Lawry's Pasties - It's a meal with it's own carrying case.

Pasty Central - More on that portable meal, plus links to other Upper Michigan sites.

RMH Foods - Speaking of food, here is the meat production plant I worked at.

Trade Your Favorite Bands - It is the stock exchange for guys like me. Plus you can't lose any money. Tell them "60873" sent you, if they ask.

MHS 91 Reunion - "Ten Years! Ten Years! What happed to you?" You can also see a photo of me in high school on this site.

You're selling what? - some of the strange things found on online auctions.

Kandern - The town I work in.

Basel - On of my favorite towns in Europe. Plus it is only fifteen minutes away.

Basel Virtual Tour - Take a virtual tour through the town.

Europa-Park - A great amusement park, and home to the original Mir space station. Just an hour from my home.

Davos - The official ski area of the 2001-2002 www.ryancordell.com ski team.

Adelboden - The official ski area of the 2000-2001 www.ryancordell.com ski team.

Greenbelt - A little music festival I attended in 1999.

MCYM - a ministry to military youth. I have gone on two missions trips with them.

Margarine - So the spread I use over here has a website. Just thought you should know.

Captain Euro - The superhero of the European Union.

International Onomateopoeias - Here how things sound around the world.

Trinity International University - My first higher education experience.

Illinois Central College - Where I picked up my AA in Radio and Television, plus where my dad currently works.

John Brown University - My third and final college.

Anglican Church of Basel - The church I attended in Europe.

These are a few churches who support me. If you physically go to one of them, you might even be able to find one of my prayer cards.

Grace Evangelical Mennonite Church - My home church in Morton, Illinois

Evangelical Mennonite Church - Archbold, Ohio

Brookside Community Church - Fort Wayne, Indiana

Evangelical Mennonite Church - Grabill, Indiana

Grace Community Church - Newton, Kansas

Heartland Community Church - Normal, Illinois

High Point Community Church - Worth, Illinois

Highland Bethel Church - Fort Wayne, Indiana

Evangelical Mennonite Church - Lawton, Michigan

Northwoods Community Church - Peoria, Illinois

Oak Bend Church - Perrysburg, Ohio. See also their youth group's site!

Upland Community Church - Upland, Indiana

Evangelical Mennonite Church - Wauseon, Ohio

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