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I dropped several thousand dollars to attend college and graduate with a degree in radio broadcasting. And what do I have to show for it? Well, besides the rather large CD collection, and sevearl stories, not too much in the ways of radio or music related income. So, I have now joined iTunes as an affiliate to help prove to my friends and family that I might still be able to use what I learned to make a little money.

What I do is create mix of great tunes (or rotten tunes in some cases) and post my iTunes iMix online. By clicking on the below links, you can check out these iMixes, and if you like any of the music, all you have to do is click the link. And I might even get a penny or two from your sale. So everybody is happy, or iHappy as the case may be.

So here are my iMixes so far.....

My Female Solo Artists iMix - Some great female artists.

Made In Ireland iMix - Songs by Irish artists (as well as one song written in Ireland by an American)

From the Highlands - Songs by great Scotland artists.

Bohol Trip iMix - Some of the songs that were heard on my trip.

Favorite ConcertsiMix - Some songs heard in some of my favorite concerts. icon