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The Egg Was A Bird

This week the theme at PhotoFriday is Edible. I had several photos of foods from around the world I have consumed, but figured I would go with what many might find one of the more disgusting items. This is some balut from my last trip to the Philippines. While it might not be the most appetizing images, it actually was a whole lot better than I expected.

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Christmas At Denny's

For some reason Denny's restaurants decided to offer free Grand Slam breakfast meals from six until two today. This came to my attention during a little football game on Sunday. Being unemployed, I had some time on my hands to take advantage of this fine deal. I set my alarm for the crack of dawn woke up sometime around nine, hoping to avoid all the working class people who might try to get in before work. I figured that arriving around ten would be a good time. Unfortunately, when I walked in the cute gal behind the counter informed me it could be a two hour wait. Luckily, a friend had tipped me off of potential long waits, and I came prepared with a book to read. An hour later I found myself saddled up to the bar awaiting my Grand Slam. Sitting there gave me an interesting view on the kitchen crew as they cranked out more Grand Slams that Bonds, McGwire, and all the other enhanced baseball players ever have. Twenty minutes later, mine arrived. Mission accomplished.

Since I was a couple miles from my brother's house, I decided to go spend a little time with my nephew. After some quality time discussing politics, the fact he should buck his dad's views and become a Cub fan, and him getting his first two teeth, I decided it was time to head for lunch. Hmmmm, if there was only a place giving away free food. Oh wait, there are two Denny's in a short driving distance. So it was off for Grand Slam number two. This time it was only a thirty minute wait for my table, and about ten minutes until the plate landed. Not only did the meal arrive quicker, it tasted better. Although I did have to wait for the waitress to bring me some silverware, which were in short supply today.

As it was nearing two o'clock as I headed out the door and the next closest Denny's was about forty minutes away, all I could do was drown my sorrows and Slams with a little happy hour special.

Song for this post: Randy Stonehill - Christmas At Denny's

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These Wholesome Memories

"Wholesome" is the theme at PhotoFriday. Last week in Hong Kong, I experienced many different culinary delights, including chicken feet. They told me that it was actually considered a very healthy dish.

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Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog

This week's theme at PhotoFriday is "Unfinished." Here is a photo I took this summer of a snake snacking on a frog. At this point, he is about to enjoy some tasty frog legs.

If you want, here is a video of the event.

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The Property of Jesus

So Friday night rolled around, and I kicked it off by cleaning my apartment. Gave the place a thorough scrub down, to the point that the phrase, "I could eat off that," passed through my head.

Luckily for me, I was going out with a couple friends for a late dinner. We had decided to check out a place rumored to have decent hamburgers. During our time out we encountered a fellow foreigner who was curious why three guys were not drinking alcohol on a Friday night. We explained a little about where we worked, and that we all made agreements when we were hired that we would not consume alcohol. As he walked away he exclaimed, "Jesus, who is your recruiter?" I quickly said to my friends, "I guess in some ways, Jesus was my recruiter."

Thanks folks, I'll be here all week. Try the chicken.

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Just A Matter Of Taste

Today, an acquaintance of mine and I took off on our bikes for a Sunday afternoon ride. We started off along the river, but the head wind was so strong the surface of the river appeared to be flowing upstream. So we decided to do some urban riding and head to Walmart. Walking around a Walmart in a foreign country is like going back to visit a home you used to live in. It has a familiar feel, but there are a lot of different things on the shelf. Plus in both cases you can't just take things out the front door without the police being called. Trust me on that one!

Well, today's big find at Walmart was the fish. Now, fish is a favorite meat over here, and I've seen the large fish sections in the stores before. I just never saw the "Large Fish" section.

On the way back from Walmart, we decided to stop off for some gelato. I've posted about this fine gelateria before, and probably will in the future.

Due to a lack of long term goals, I've made one goal to sample every flavor they offer at the Terre De Glace. While most might think that could be easy, think again. It is not a challenge for the weak stomached. Today I bit off two of potentially the oddest flavors, Cheese and Sweet Potato.

To tell you the truth, it wasn't that bad. Tasted like frozen sweet potato and cheese. And as a combination of flavors, it worked. I just fear the day that the only flavor left is banana.

Tonight I want to leave you with some helpful information on how to launder 50 million British Pounds. Don't say I didn't give you anything.

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First One Was A Sweet One

My coworker suggested I find out what is in the middle of an Oreo. So for the first post of my "Stuck in Seoul" Series, I did some research...

Did you know there are 6 ounces of white stuff in a 20 ounce package of regular Oreos.

Here is a recipe to make your own Oreo filling.

Ever wanted to really look close at an Oreo? Plus they give the list of what makes an Oreo.

And for the vegans out there, Australian Oreos are good, American Oreos are not.

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Of Recklessness And Water

Many of you know that I have a pretty strong anti-fast food policy when it comes to dining. Well, I'm adding another reason to the list of why I refuse to take my chances in the shadows of the Golden Arches.

In other odd news relating to disease, soon there will be a new way to fight the avian flu.... Kimchi Konditioners (I made up that name - so if it catches on, please give proper credit). Yes my friends, you can battle the heat and avian flu with one electrical device. It doesn't say it in the article, but rumor has it they are working on a sauerkraut version that will be marketed in Germany and other parts of Europe.

Currently craving some:

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The Passing of a Popcorn Popper

Tonight I bring you sad news. My hot air popcorn popper had passed on. Later this week I will take it on one final voyage to the recycling center in town. For those who think this is just a simple little appliance, well, you don't know me that well. This device was used in my house just as much as any other kitchen appliance, except the fridge, he is a workaholic. And I was so excited about making some popcorn and watching a film.

Speaking of films, if you want to see a great little short film I recommend one called "Me and the Big Guy." It is a spoof/take-off of the classic Orwellian book 1984. It will make you laugh, and think. Check it out, you will be glad you did.

Currently listening to: Shawn Mullins - Soul's Core

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Where are the Recipes???

So for some reason I was looking up kabobs. Oh yea, I know why, I was a little hungry and was wondering about what I was going to have for dinner. So I found a site listed near the top of the listings that had the following title:CHICKEN KABOB RECIPES :: The Best Chicken Kabob Recipes Online :: Grilled Baked Fried Sauted Braised Roasted Broiled Low Fat Free Fresh Quick Authentic Traditional Well, if you click the link you will find some ads, links to other pages with more links, and a couple photos of food, but NO RECIPES. Can we begin suing internet sites for false advertising, if all they do is provide links to other sites, that might provide links to other sites with recipes? And it is all so they can try to make a buck by selling space or claiming that they get so much traffic. Stop giving me links to other sites, just give me the goods I'm looking for. Well, that is my rant for now, and I'm still hungry, and with out a great recipe for chicken kabob. Oh well, guess I will have some more spaetzle soup, one of my new creations I might tell you when I perfect the recipe.

Currently listenging to: Paste Music Sampler #3 (Available with a subscription to Paste Magazine.) Favorite Tune on the Disc - Wedding Day by Rosie Thomas.

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