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I'm Already Torn

Unemployment has a few perks. Tax forms are easier to fill out, your lunch break is not limited to a half hour, and it give a person time to work on his break dancing moves. Some of my time has been spent filling out applications online, although I can easily be distracted. Hey look shiny things!

Two sites I have stumbled across lately have instantly found a spot in my bookmark folder. The first site is Sexy People. It is a collection of classic Olan Mills style photographs. Here is one of my favorites from their collection.

The other site is called Pets Who Want To Kill Themselves. Forget all the cute pet photos. At PWWTKT you will find some of the more depressing, yet hilarious, pet photos. Call it animal cruelty, call it pure comedy, either way it is worth a visit. While this is one of my favorites, you will need to find the one involving a World's Best Dad shirt for an extra laugh.

I am not sure which one site I like more, perhaps you can decide for me.

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The Future Is In Eggs

Today I purchased eggs at the grocery store. When I got home, I stumbled across this site. Coincidence, perhaps. Funny and odd, you betcha. And if that is not odd enough for your tastes, in Korea many people, myself included, would put soy sauce on their eggs.

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I Love My Radio

My external hard drive decided to quit last night. Sadly this housed most of my music collection. Due to my frustration, I haven't attempted to fix it. Yet, I still need me some music to listen to. So I decided to try the "Ryancordell's Neighbourhood" station at Last.fm. It takes all the music I have listened to, and mixes a station based around the information gathered. So far, I am impressed, and thinking that I have found my office station. Take it for a test drive, I think you might like it. (That is if you have an eclectic taste in music mixed with a strong dislike of most music labeled "Top 40")

And yes, I think it is cool to have a RyanCordell's Neighbourhood. Now if you would excuse me, I must change my shoes. Oh, I think I hear a trolley.

And now for something completely different, This makes me laugh

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A Personality Loaded With Ability

Most people know Alyssa Milano from her days on Who's The Boss? Some might know that she is also a musician. (This blog entry's title comes from one of her songs.) She even has a blog covering her love of baseball, where she recently quoted Gandhi. Too bad she is a Dodger fan.

Well, I recently read that Alyssa has been named the ambassador for Global Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases? This raises so many questions in my head. Does not bringing attention to the neglected tropical diseases make them non-neglected? Would this not create a vicious circle where the current non-neglected tropical disease would then become the neglected ones that would need Alyssa's assistance to bring them to the world's attention? And by getting a former child star to be your ambassador does that help keep the neglected status intact?

Why did I devote a whole post to Alyssa? I did it to set up one of my favorite jokes. What are my favorite kind of cookies? Alyssa Milano Cookies. (Follow that link to the question about what her fan's don't know about her) If you do not get the joke, this might help.

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I Can't Get No Sleep

I think I am becoming nocturnal. For more than a week, I have been getting very little sleep at night, and just a little more during the day. I am not sure why exactly, but I am hoping that at least it might help me adjust to the European time zone I'll be landing in this weekend.

Tonight during my sleeplessness, I have cleaned my entire bathroom. This would be a bigger task if it were not the size of many bathrooms found on recreational vehicles. I also created a new set of photos on my Flickr pages.

I figure this would be a good time to give you a few fun links I have come across lately. I bet you all missed the Swiss invasion of Lichtenstein. As I'll be in the area soon, if anyone would like to join me for a follow up invasion, email me!

Speaking of flying. I think I have discovered a way to get bumped to first class. Too bad you do not get to enjoy all the perks.

Here is a funny video for Red Nose Day/Comic relief.

Need a new search engine? How about searching with Meat Loaf?

Hamlet once said, "To sleep, perchance to dream..." I guess I will give it a shot.

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Ice Ice Baby

From time to time I find stuff online about friends of mine. And being the guy I am, I like to pass it on to the rest of you. This morning, I saw a link to the World Ice Art Championships. As I clicked it, I remembered how years ago at Miracle Camp, I worked with a guy named Jeff Stahl, who was an amazing ice carver and chef. So after a couple clicks, I discovered that he and his team finished second place this year. This joins their 4th place in 2006, 3rd in 2005, and 4th in 2004. He and his team even got a nice write up in the Chicago Tribune, complete with a video.

I'm telling you, it is pretty stinkin' cool what those guys can do with a whole lot of ice and some chainsaws. Be sure to check out their work.

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Friday Night Arrives Without A Suitcase

Instead of knocking
Upon your door to carol
I give you some links...

Bowie meets Crosby
To sing a Christmas duet
It is a classic.

I was expecting
Nice day for a white Christmas
From Billy Idol.

Nine days left to shop
Looking for the perfect gift?

This boy's got some heart
Too bad he is lacking some tone
But it is divine.

Think you got it tough
Finding the perfect present?
Buy for a Wookie.

Before they broke up
Wham gave us a Christmas song
That everyone loves.

Each word here a link
To a different Christmas song
For your enjoyment.

One haiku won't do.
There's so much Christmas music
On the internet.

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See That Girl

I just wanted to introduce everyone to my niece. Only a few days old, but she is quite the dancer.

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Posted by Ryan at 11:04
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One Irish Rover

The fifth and final in the "Stuck in Seoul" Series I'm revamping a post I've had sitting in the draft file for a few days. I'm done at this PC Bong, but you can relive some of the fun by reading all five posts from this fun filled evening.

A friend of mine recently directed me to the text of
Bono's remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington D.C. a couple weeks ago. You have to respect a man who understands how fleeting fame is and uses it for a positve impact in this world. Here is a man who could be sitting on the Irish countryside watching the checks come in from his many albums, but no, he has chosen to speak out for Africa, AIDs relief, and poverty relief. Bono once called Johnny Cash "the most male voice in Christendom," and "every man knows he is a sissy compared to Johnny Cash." Well, I guess since Johnny's passing, Bono has decided to take over the role.

Speaking of U2, here is an interesting article on the church of U2 or at least one man's perspective on how a church could learn from four boys from Ireland. I think it is an interesting read. As one who has stood in the front row of a U2 concert, I can agree with some of the ideas presented.

And for more good reading on the band, as well as the message behind the music, I'd suggest you check out Rhythms of Redemption's Walk On section. It is run by an Irishman I've had the fortunate opportunity to hear and meet a couple times. He is an excellent writer who knows music as well as things of faith.

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Posted by Ryan at 01:50
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Friends Are Friends Forever

Post number two in the "Stuck in Seoul" Series was suggested by Chris, a coworker and dive buddy of mine. He gave me a couple ideas, which might appear later in this short lived series, but for now the topic is MySpace. For those not in the know, MySpace is an online social networking thingy. According to the website, it is a place where you can "meet your friends' friends" To tell you the truth, if someone is my friend, I seriously question their taste in friends.

The funny thing about Myspace is that each person's site lists their "friends," but are they really friends? If this were so, Neil Diamond, Danny Elfman, and Chair would be my friends, as they are listed in my friends list. But last time I checked, I never had a conversation with any of them.

In fact, a couple days ago, I created a Myspace for an inatimate object. Initally, I asked eight or so other inatimate objects to be my friends. Now I have over 58 friends, and over half of them are real people. Come on people, you are asking an inatimate object to be your friend! What has our society become?

I need to get back to thinking of a new topic for my next lame post... Until then I leave you with two videos about Myspace. The first is about "The Angles." The second is a piece from the Daily Show on the whole social networking craze.

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First One Was A Sweet One

My coworker suggested I find out what is in the middle of an Oreo. So for the first post of my "Stuck in Seoul" Series, I did some research...

Did you know there are 6 ounces of white stuff in a 20 ounce package of regular Oreos.

Here is a recipe to make your own Oreo filling.

Ever wanted to really look close at an Oreo? Plus they give the list of what makes an Oreo.

And for the vegans out there, Australian Oreos are good, American Oreos are not.

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Shock The Monkey

Am I crazy?

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Of Recklessness And Water

Many of you know that I have a pretty strong anti-fast food policy when it comes to dining. Well, I'm adding another reason to the list of why I refuse to take my chances in the shadows of the Golden Arches.

In other odd news relating to disease, soon there will be a new way to fight the avian flu.... Kimchi Konditioners (I made up that name - so if it catches on, please give proper credit). Yes my friends, you can battle the heat and avian flu with one electrical device. It doesn't say it in the article, but rumor has it they are working on a sauerkraut version that will be marketed in Germany and other parts of Europe.

Currently craving some:

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`Zingers' land Kent woman in jail

Here is a fun little news story. kingcountyjournal.com - `Zingers' land Kent woman in jail They don't give the names, but I got a funny feeling that the attacker was Little Debbie.

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On The Rollercoaster

Well, tonight is the last chance to catch my breath before the school year starts in force, as tomorrow the students arrive back. Right now I feel like I'm on a rollercoaster. Sure I know the ride is a fun one, otherwise I would have not gotten in line again. But right now is that part where you are buckled in, and the cars are slowly going up, and up, with that click, click, click sound. There is a little tension in the air, and the fear of the unknown (even if you've ridden the ride before.) But deep down you know it is going to be a wild ride, so you put your hands up and enjoy the ride. So here goes....

Tonight I also give you two links. The first one is for you if you are looking for a challenging read regarding religion, war, and leadership. If that is your cup of tea then head over here. If you would rather just have some light and trivial information, then there is nothing better than learning how to put a diaper on a monkey Enjoy either way.

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